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Derma LiteCheck UV®

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Derma LiteCheck UV®
Handily UV device in practical ring binder format,
110 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, contrast analogous to Checkbox,
encl. fabric tote bag and 75 ml testlotion

Order-no.: 60010

EUR 284,00

Dermalux LiteCheck UV®
Package price for 3 devices

Order-no.: 60011

EUR 806,00

Derma Litecheck UV®
Package price for 5 devices

Order-no.: 60013

EUR 1.310,00

Dermalux® System

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Dermalux® Checkbox Multimedia
UV device, prim. 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, ready for camera operation,
encl. mains adaptor and Schuko low-heat heat cable,
75 ml testlotion (ready to be operated with cam)

Order-no.: 10025

EUR 911,00

Dermalux® Multimedia Cam
Camera attachment for beamer (monitor) / TV, accessory for
Dermalux Checkbox® Multimedia

Order-no.: 10026

EUR 299,00

Dermalux® Transport-& Displaycase
Acessory for Dermalux® Checkbox Multimedia

Order-no.: 30020

EUR 249,00

Trolley Attachement
Wheel accessory for Dermalux® Transport- & Display Case
(encl. assembly to the case)

Order-no.: 30030

EUR 69,00

Spare Parts for Dermalux® Checkbox Multimedia and Derma LiteCheck UV®

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Replacement Lightbulb
for Dermalux® Checkbox and Derma LiteCheck UV®

Order-no.: 30040

EUR 24,00

Replacement Power Supply Unit
for Dermalux® Checkbox
encl. low-heat cable Schuko

Order-no.: 30060

EUR 68,00

Replacement Power Cable
for Derma LiteCheck UV®

Order-no.: 20029

EUR 14,00

Fluorescent test products for tests and training acc. to Dermalux® Method

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Dermalux® Testlotion S

for trainings in personnel hygiene,
skin care and e.g. for tests with kids

Contains 2 x 75 ml
Order-no.: 20011

EUR 25,00

Dermalux® Testlotion S

Contains 4 x 75 ml
Order-no.: 20015

EUR 40,50

Dermalux® Testlotion S

Contains 10 x 75 ml
Order-no.: 20012

EUR 85,00

Dermalux® Testlotion S

Contains 25 x 75 ml
Order-no.: 20013

EUR 189,00

Dermalux® Testlotion S

Contains 50 x 75 ml
Order-no.: 20016

EUR 355,00

Dermalux® Testlotion S

Contains 100 x 75 ml
Order-no.: 20014

EUR 631,00
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enlarge picture

Dermalux® Alcohol Tester II

for personnel trainings in correct
application of disinfectants

Contains 2 x 500 ml
Order-no.: 20070

EUR 36,50

Dermalux® Alcohol Tester II

Contains 10 x 500 ml
Order-no.: 20080

EUR 108,00

Dermalux® Alcohol Tester II

Contains 25 x 500 ml
Order-no.: 20074

EUR 261,00

Dermalux® Alcohol Tester II

Contains 100 x 500 ml
Order-no.: 20075

EUR 847,00
enlarge picture
enlarge picture

Dermalux® Crystal Gel Tester

(produced on demand)
min. lots 100 x 500 ml




Individual production on demand for all products



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